Unreal Engine 4.16

Fresh with Lots of new Updates!

The new version of Unreal Engine is finally here! 4.16 comes fresh with a whole bunch of new features, optimizations and a Unreal Audio Engine for testing. Among the new features are a cool new FFT Convolution Bloom, Volumetric fog, and loads of new physics and animation tools. Among the Animation new features comes a new Spline IK node useful for character spines, vertex and texture painting on skeletal meshes, a new class of Animation modifiers from the new Animation blueprint library and a sweet new clothing solver. Sequencer has had a bunch of updates and the new Unreal Audio engine is out for texting. It’s not out by default so you’ll have to change the engine.ini file(see the forum thread for specific platform). 

Check out the Unreal Forum thread here for the full list of updates! Check out the video below from the Unreal engine developers talking about the release! 

 How to do volumetric Fog!

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