Unreal Engine 4.17!

The newest incarnation of the Unreal Engine is here!

With 90 improvements from the Unreal community along with new and awesome developed features added, UE 4.17 is here to make any any project of yours streamlined and produced at the highest quality. An amazing improvement is the Sequencer upgrades, Auto-Key has been added, levels and sequencer can be edited separately and blends have been added.

New features include Bent Normal maps and Reflective Occlusion which allow you to add more information when calculating AO and indirect lighting.

Xbox One X support has been added to allow you to start developing for that platform! In addition, VR Spectator Screen Support has been added for Oculus, HTC Vive and PSVR!

Another new feature is the Composure Compositing and Image Plate Actor and Sequencer,  which was previewed at GDC 2017. These features are in early access and experimental phases respectively.

Another Experimental feature is the ARkit Support for IOS. This is a plugin based on work produced by Wingnut and was shown off at the Apple WWDC press event.

For the full list of improvements check out the UE4 blog post! Be sure to download the new Unreal and learn the new tools!

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