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Grant funded Projects; UE4 4.19

Unreal Engine 4.19 Preview is now out! This build of the engine has a bunch of new features for you to play around with. Animation and Physics have a bunch of upgrades, as well as workflow improvements to the Sequencer. Level designers can now save favorites in the content browser, and Rendering has some new changes to the LOD system. VR and AR have updates; motion controllers now can be visualized and SteamVR is now compatible with the Vive Pro. For the full list of the changes and updates can be found on the 4.19 summary post.

Epic Grants for Epic Projects

Epic Games has announced the recipients of the last round of game development grants. These grants go to fledgling studios, projects, movies, games and tool developers alike.

Sebastien Rancoud received funding for his BluepringUE.com - a tool that allows the publishing of blueprints to the web as text. This tool is popular with devs and hobbyists alike, and is a great tool for sharing of resources or troubleshooting.

Genisis Noir


Hyper Jam



Check out the full list of grant recipients on Epic’s dev grant post. If you feel you would qualify for a grant, then be sure to check out the application page and submit your project for consideration!

To Learn more about developing games for Unreal Engine 4, check out our UE4 Environment tutorial!

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