V-Ray Dev Kit Released!

Coders Delight!

Chaos Group has released the V-Ray AppSDK for all to use! Giving users full programming control over all of V-Ray’s powerful features, and apply them for any program or need. Mostly designed for companies to add ray tracing capabilities to programs. The V-Ray AppSDK makes this process easier, allowing users to have access to all Supported API bindings such as C#.Net, C++, Python, Javascript (Node.js). To make things easier the kit comes with sample codes, test scenes, ready to use presets, and documentation along with learning resources.


Check out the application here at V-Ray’s site. Developer kit licenses are available on request. If you’re unfamiliar, check out the wide range of plugins for Autodesk, Foundry, Blender, Rhino and others, on trial for 30 days.


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