Verge 3D 2.0!

Alex and Yuri Kovelenov have been working in 3D web design for nine years and recently have launched Verge3D. They have recently founded Soft8Soft and have published Verge3D, a web based software that integrates with 3ds Max and allows users to display 3D models online with functionality. Verge3D features Puzzles, an easy-to-use visual scripting tool for 3D scene manipulation, as well as HTML/CSS support and an assortment of more advanced features through a programming API. Though these tools are easy to use and should be familiar to most developers, they're very powerful, allowing you to interact with 3D scenes, build a custom UI, develop e-learning apps, or even develop games! Verge3D also supports complex materials, animations and more!  If you’re interested in online integration with Verge3D, head on over to and take a look!


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