VR Game Creation Tips!

For any students or industry professionals working in VR we have a bite sized roundup of game creation tips for both technical and emotional narrative that may inspire or inform decisions you should be making for your VR games.   


Jim Ivon talks with 80.lv on how to go about creating futuristic VR environments for an upcoming UE4 game. VR is always tricky to work with and Jim shares some tips and learning experiences from his production team, from modeling, optimization of pipeline to scale.


Emma Kidwell discusses VR as an effective tool for exposure therapy and phobia treatment. Emma sums up a discussion from Doctor Jennifer Hazel spoke at the fall VRDC 2017 on the history of treatment and it’s current applications.


From Alex Wawro at gamasutra comes a breakdown from Reaping Rewards director, Tom Sanocki on his experiences and inspirations. Tom speaks about creating immersive storytelling experiences beyond both games and films in ‘You can feel their pulse fading’; How Reaping Rewards tells and emotional story in VR.

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