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Welcome to the brand spanking new 3dmotive.com! We have been hard at work to bring you this slick new experience and better website. You gave us feedback and we listened.

Poking around the site and you should notice some great new features - We have re-organized everything to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for. We’ve made it easier to access your customer information so that you are completely aware of your account status. You’ll also see our News tab where we will constantly be updating with Industry news and 3dmotive announcements. And that's just the beginning!


What's that? Oh yeah. 3dmotive Prices are now even lower!

We have been starving college students before. We know how you feel. We care. The 3dmotive team has decided to reduce our prices to be more affordable for you. Don’t forget to contact us and ask to get 20% off sign up if you’re a student! Not only are we cutting prices but we are also going to start releasing more videos more frequently. In case you weren't sure - that's a lot of cool.

Stay tuned to 3dmotive. This is only the beginning!

We have tons of new great features in the pipe that we will be adding in the coming months! We will keep you updated as things progress, stay tuned! Also, have you seen our more recent courses?

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