Zbrush 4R8 Recap

For those who missed the madballs of the Zbrush stream we've recapped the highlights for you. As with each Zbrush release, 4R8 promises to be revolutionary with new tool sets for faster workflows.  


The transpose tool has been replaced with a Gizmo 3D which makes for easier and accurate subtool manipulations. Users can even customize the gizmo. Subtools can now be grouped together, and multiple subtools can be transformed all at once. The lazy mouse function got a beefy update to 2.0; users can run the brous from the exact end of a previous stroke, angel snap new strokes, and all strokes are of consistent depth. Live boolean joints allows for fast and live editing of complicated surfaces, works nice with IMM brushes, brush modifiers along with NanoMesh and ArrayMesh. IMM selector gives the user a new shelf with which one can select new brushes to insert on your hard surface robot. New 4r8 text! Zbrush 4R8 now supports 3D text insert meshes in addition to vector shapes. This is easily combined with the Live Boolean system for fantastic engraved results!

New Deformers have been added, (think the warp warp tools in photoshop or the FFDs in 3ds Max) the deformation subplate is now controlled with a Gizmo and with vertex points. The deformers can be used to modify selections of a mesh without interfering with another. The new VDM or Vector Displacement Meshes are D sculpts working as inserted 3D sculpted components added right to your mesh; this is perfect to build up characters fast from a library of noses, ears, eyes, fangs etc. Building fast and complex characters was never so easy!

Check out the Pixologic for the entire list of features. Want to see it in action? Check out the interface below in the live streamed event. For current users of 4R7, the 4R8 update is free, head on over to Pixologic to download the new Zbrush 4R8!

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