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Character Design in Photoshop

In Character Design in Photoshop we will cover the design phase of one character meant for a video game production and transferable to other media, from first conception to fully rendered splash or key art for promotional purposes. Students will learn how to initially thumbnail a design before taking it to a rough and then finalized front/back character rotation, including this character’s costume and equipment. Further exploration into this character’s backstory and personality will also result in several design sheets. These include an expression sheet, passive acting pose sheet and action pose sheet. Students will also later delve further into development of this character’s in-game costume and equipment, and even be introduced to producing basic thumbnails or keyframes to explore how this character may move during gameplay or combat. Finally, students will be introduced to a simple, step by step method that will take them from thumbnail phase to a finished, polished and full colour render of their character. This final volume covers everything from nailing down a solid pose, dynamic composition, colour choices and preparing the image to be painted. A series of lighting and shadow passes, followed by a detailed polish and special effects step will complete the illustration. Upon completing this series, the student will have an in-depth glimpse into what it takes to design a single character for video games or other media.

Chapter 1 - Intro
Chapter 2 - Context
Chapter 3 - Reference
Chapter 4 - Starting the Design
Chapter 5 - Building the Character
Chapter 6 - Finishing Lines and Props
Chapter 1 - Intro
Chapter 2 - Equipment Breakdown
Chapter 3 - Expressions
Chapter 4 - Acting and Posing
Chapter 5 - Gameplay Moveset Exploration
Chapter 6 - Pose Cleanup and Texture Map
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