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Dynamic Vehicle Setup in UE4

In this course, we will be covering how to setup the blueprints for creating a dynamic controllable vehicle in UE4. We will start off by creating the basic vehicle physics asset (phat) for the physics engine to use. The controller setup will be done in such a way that it would be easy to plug in additional vehicles or characters making use of the same controller blueprint. The animation blueprint section will show you how to do basic vehicle animation blueprints as well as “faking” or simulating 8 wheels or more. Then we have a look at setting up different physics surfaces and how to detect those surfaces in order for our game to decide which particles to spawn and also how the wheels react on the surface. This will be achieved by creating a line tracing system for our vehicle to use. The sound of the engine is controlled via a sound class that reads values from the vehicle engines rotation values. As an added bonus a full working game is included that was designed for mobile. The bonus content covers a variety of topics, such as implementing high scores and achievements for mobile clouds such as IOS and Google Play. Also included is setting up basic touch controls and a dynamic HUD system.

Chapter 1 - Intro
Chapter 2 - Setting Up a Physics Asset
Chapter 3 - Controlls and Pawn Blueprint 01
Chapter 4 - Controlls and Pawn Blueprint 02
Chapter 5 - Anim Blueprints and Wheel Tracing 01
Chapter 6 - Anim Blueprints and Wheel Tracing 02
Chapter 7 - Wheel Trace and Audio
Chapter 8 - Driving Mini Game Blueprint Breakdown
Chapter 9 - Mini Game Spawn Point and Menu Blueprint
Chapter 10 - Mini Game UI and Controls

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