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Interior Decor in 3ds Max

In the first module of this course, we will begin by learning how to breakdown a piece of reference to a more manageable state we can work from. Once we understand what is required of us to complete the piece we will start creating the base of a ceiling rose followed by the outer trim sections of the ceiling rose. When creating the trim sections, you will learn how to create both simple and complex modular tiling shapes which will add an extra level of detail and intricacy to the ceiling rose with very little effort. From there, we will be looking at the more detailed shapes. Using our broken down reference, I will show you how to create each piece used to create the ceiling rose. We will start with the simpler shapes just using 3DS Max box modeling and deformation techniques and then move onto more complex shapes later on. Once we have our shapes completed we will add final adjustments and polish to each piece in Zbrush to give it the hand crafted plaster look we are aiming for. As we wrap things up in module 3, we will take the parts we have made and kit bash them together to create the large shapes shown in the reference. After all shapes are complete,  we can start deforming them to fit the base ceiling rose we created in module one which will leave us with the completed model. Finally, we will take the model into Zbrush to create a final singular mesh version using masking and deformation techniques and add damage to the model using a custom brush set. 

Chapter 1 - Intro
Chapter 2 - How To Break Down The Reference Image
Chapter 3 - Modelling The Base
Chapter 4 - Modelling The First Trim Section
Chapter 5 - Creating a Tiling Modular Piece
Chapter 6 - Creating The Final Parts To The Trim Section
Chapter 7 - Final Construction and Deformation
Chapter 1 - Intro
Chapter 2 - Making the Modular Parts
Chapter 3 - Making the Modular Parts 02
Chapter 4 - Creating Complex Parts
Chapter 5 - Adding the Final Details
Chapter 6 - Completing the Final Parts
Chapter 1 - Intro
Chapter 2 - Kit Bashing The Designs
Chapter 3 - Kit Bashing The Designs 02
Chapter 4 - Conforming The Shapes To The Base
Chapter 5 - Conforming The Shapes To The Base 02
Chapter 6 - Creating a single Mesh in Zbrush
Chapter 7 - Adding Damage Within Zbrush

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