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Intro to BlendShapes in Maya

With Intro to Blendshapes in Maya, instructor Chad Robert Morgan gives us a detailed look on how to use blendshapes, including how to create blendshapes nodes, adding new targets, and how to create targets. We highlight common pitfalls to avoid that can break your blendshapes, and tips for making your blendshape workflow more efficient and easy to edit. We will see how we can combine blendshapes with skinclusters to combine joint animation with blendshapes, as well as how to ensure the correct order of your inputs so they will work correctly. We see how we can use Mudbox to create blendshapes as sculpt layers and link it with Maya using OneClick. We use the Paint Blendshape Weights tool to paint out the influence of a blendshape and use it to split one target into multiple blendshapes. Observe pro tips like using wrap deformers to create mirror shapes and extra Maya tools found in Bonus Tools from Autodesk to create corrective blendshapes. Check out the updates from the new tools found in Maya 2016, which will allow us to create blendshapes without target meshes. And lastly, see how to export our blendshapes from Maya via fbx and importthe blendshapes and the animation into Unreal.

  • Software: Maya
  • Author: Chad Morgan
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Video Length:
Chapter 1 - Intro
Chapter 2 - How Blendshapes Work
Chapter 3 - Combining Blendshapes with Skin Clusters
Chapter 4 - Using Mudbox for Blendshape Editing
Chapter 5 - Paint Blendshape Weights
Chapter 6 - Manually Mirroring Blendshapes
Chapter 7 - Pose Blend Shape Editor Bonus Tool
Chapter 8 - Maya 2016 Improvements
Chapter 9 - Exporting to Unreal

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