Current Chapter: Chapter 1 - Intro
Up Next: Chapter 2 - Sculpting the Tiles

Intro to Substance Designer

In this course,  Emiel Sleegers will be going over how to create a tileable texture using both ZBrush and Substance Designer.  To start he will be sculpting some tiles in ZBrush and then use that sculpt to export various height, normal, and lightmaps.  From there, he will begin his joirney into Substance Designer where he will be showing you how to create the final diffuse, normal, height spec, and gloss maps.  And to wrap things up, he will be taking everything into Marmoset to get a quick preview of how everything will look in its final state.

Chapter 1 - Intro
Chapter 2 - Sculpting the Tiles
Chapter 3 - Placing the Tiles
Chapter 4 - Making a Diffuse and Normal Map
Chapter 5 - Finishing the Diffuse and Normal Map 01
Chapter 6 - Finishing the Diffuse and Normal Map 02
Chapter 7 - Finishing the Textures and Marmoset Rendering

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