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Mobile Game Publishing in UE4

In this course Chad Morgan is going to be summarizing everything he has learned form his experience in publishing his first mobile game so your experience in making your own mobile game will go more smoothly. In this lesson, he'll show you some of the issues he had building a game on mobile. He will discuss things like limitations in joint count, polygon count, and shader complexity. Then go through the process of setting up Unreal for developing for Android. He’ll show how to install the correct Android SDK for Unreal and how to move from development to deployment. He’ll then upload our game to the Google Play store and set up things like achievements, leaderboard, and in-app purchases. From there port the project over to the Mac using Mac-In-Cloud, get the mobile provisioning profiles from the Apple Developer site, and upload his game to iTunes Connect.

Chapter 1 - Intro
Chapter 2 - Engine Limits for Mobile
Chapter 3 - Setting Up For Development On Android
Chapter 4 - Setting Up For Shipping On Android
Chapter 5 - Setting Up For In-App Purchases
Chapter 6 - Summary Of Setting Up For Android
Chapter 7 - Developing for IOS
Chapter 8 - Setting Up Mobile Provisions
Chapter 9 - Uploading to Itunes Connect
Chapter 10 - Conclusion

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