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Physics Pile in 3ds Max

In this course, we're going to jump into using MassFX to create a bone pile in 3ds Max. We'll use MassFX to set up animations simulating gravity on simple objects with general parameters and still end up with a bone pile that looks natural and based on real-world physics. Objects will interact with each other under specific parameters and will then collide with the 'ground' and spread out into a pile that not only looks great but saves the 3D artist from having the tedious task of hand-placing each and every individual object into a pile and still make it look good. We'll examine dynamic versus kinetic versus static bodies and the way gravity affects each and then in our final example.

  • Software: 3ds Max
  • Author: Stephen Wells
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Video Length:
Chapter 1 - Intro
Chapter 2 - Setting Up Mass FX
Chapter 3 - Creating Dynamic Body Animation
Chapter 4 - Using Dynamic Bodies with Kinectic Bodies
Chapter 5 - Creating the Bone Pile
Chapter 6 - Setting Parameters for Bone Interactions 01
Chapter 7 - Setting Parameters for Bone Interactions 02

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