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Quadruped Run Cycle in Maya

In this course, we will be animating a quadruped run cycle for a video game from scratch. we will start by setting up the reference plane for the in-game speec, followed by blocking all the main poses with appealing shapes that can be read from any angle of view. From there, we will start to work with the timing to make those poses fit on the correct frames, and progressivelt we will add in-betweens as we continue to adjust the timing. It is going to be a progressive refining process, and we will be moving around a lot between the animation controllers as we refine the motion. We will also work with some variation in speed, dynamic arcs, follow through, and how to correct address the feeling of weight for the character. During this final polish stages, we will begin working on the core of the body, and edit that as wel begin to edit and tweak the motion of the secondary elements. by the end, we will be covering a quick trick to make the animation look more organic by using animation layers on certain parts of the character.

Chapter 1 - Intro
Chapter 2 - Scene Setup
Chapter 3 - Creating Key Poses
Chapter 4 - Creating Breakdown Poses
Chapter 5 - Timing
Chapter 6 - Adding Overlap
Chapter 7 - Refinig the Legs
Chapter 8 - Secondary Tail Motion
Chapter 9 - Secondary Ear Motion
Chapter 10 - Secondary Motion Extras
Chapter 11 - Polish Pass
Chapter 12 - Animation Layers

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