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Unwrapping with Roadkill

In this tutorial on Unwrapping with Roadkill, instructor Stephen Wells gives us a full overview of this powerful UVW unwrapping tool! We'll take a basic look at the tools, start with an introduction to the interface, then dive into using the tools on some complex shapes - including an axe, a shark, and a full character unwrap from start to finish! Roadkill makes for a great UVW alternative, and this tutorial will show you how to integrate it into your pipeline!

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Intro to Roadkill
Chapter 3 - Roadkill Unwrapping an Axe
Chapter 4 - Roadkill Unwrapping a Shark
Chapter 5 - Roadkill Unwrapping a Troll
Chapter 6 - Roadkill to 3ds Max UV Packing

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