Current Chapter: Chapter 1 - Introduction
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UV Unwrapping in Maya

In this course, instructor Stephen Wells is going to walk us through the process of learning the UV Unwrapping tools located within Maya.  To start he will be showing us the basics of UVs and manipulating them in the UV Texture Editor using a simple box primitive shape.  From there he will cover the Auto unwrap tools to begin teaching how to create custom UV layouts.  Next, he will be covering how to move, cut, and weld edges within the UV Texture window, as well as aligning UVs while walking through the unwrapping of a hose object, and  within the final three videos of the course he will be combining all of the features listed above while walking through the unwrapping of various organic and hard-edged objects such as an axe, shark, and human head.

  • Software: Maya
  • Author: Stephen Wells
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Video Length:
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Unwrapping a Box
Chapter 3 - Unwrapping a Cylinder
Chapter 4 - Unwrapping a Hose
Chapter 5 - Unwrapping an Axe
Chapter 6 - Unwrapping a Shark
Chapter 7 - Unwrapping a Head

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